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Railroad Station


Odessa governor Count M.Vorontsov dreamed of railroad in Odessa but his dream did not come true in his lifetime. It was not until 1863 when the government in St.Petersburg made a decision to build a track to Odessa from Balta. In 1864 it was extended to Harkov through Kremenchug. At first, the main train station was out of town, and the passengers had to take a special train like a tram to get to the main station.

Finally, in 1884, the railroad station was built in the downtown. The architect was A.Bernardazzi. The style of the building was neoclassic, the layout was blind-end, which was convenient for passengers: there is no need to climb stairs.


Unfortunately, the old building was destroyed during the last days of the occupation of Odessa by the Nazis in 1944. The present building was built in 1952 by architect A.Chuprin. It looks very similar to the previous version. The years on the facade are the landmarks: 1917 was the Revolution, 1944 was the liberation of the city, 1952 was the construction of the new railroad station.





Street Address

2 Privokzalnaya Square, 65012 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'27" N46°28'4" (E30.740833° N46.467778°).


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