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Privoz Market


Privoz is the main market in Odessa where you can buy a lot of things, first of all it is food, peasants produce. The word privoz means bringing, supply, delivery. That is what the peasants do: they bring food to the townspeople. Originally they were selling produce directly from carts. The buildings appeared only at the end of the 19th century.

Unfortunately, vendors are often unscrupulous and dilute milk with water, use doctored scales or weights to scam buyers. You think you are getting a kilo but you only get 800 grams of something. So just add 25% to prices to be on the safe side.

The market has existed since 1827. Apart from the stalls with food there is a flea market outside where you can buy some old things like a Soviet era television or camera.

A new portion of the market that looks much more modern, like a regular supermarket, was built in 2006. There are an underground parking lot and a modern hotel there.


Street Address

7 Privoznaya Street, 65007 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E3044'3" N46-28'8" (E30.734167 N46.468889).


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